Mercado Libre

E-commerce platform with operation in 18 countries from America, where millions of users buy and sell product online.

Smart Dashboard connected with Mercado Libre

Theoretical inventories in base to historic sales
This is an app that let you know the frequency of sales and rotation of inventories to one account in Mercado Libre you want to connect, with this the sellers with high volume of sales have an idea of how much they should refill in some products or if they have saturation of inventories from the lack of movement.


    • Work with day to day updated information.
    • Easy data interpretation.
    • Management of users and permits.
    • Upgrade via API or data base.
    • Download the report on PDF or PNG
    • Get to know your online sales total through time and determine the best seasons.
    • Be informed on how much orders are completed from all the visits you managed to attract to your online store.