Amazon Performance

Do you want to accelerate your sales and account administration? We analyze the market and product for the development of strategies to accelerate the sales.

We understand the differential factors in the industry, with the objective of increase the exposition, improve the brand positioning, foment the client attraction and grow the sales. Expertise on Amazon (MX, USA y CA).

Market and product analysis

This service is undertaken hand to hand with the brand to take the most of the differential factors for their own benefit.

Develop ad campaigns inside the marketplaces

To increase the presence and sales generation, discount applications based on data analytics, proposals and promotions applications.

Investment budget follow-up

Optimization, adequacy regarding data analysis and monthly report on budget.

Advice and management of fulfillment campaigns

This service is offered by Amazon to send products to their warehouses and coordinate the logistic of shipment through this platforms.

Advice for the management and use of platforms

We solve the doubts regarding to the account registration, fiscal documents, invoice generation and ticket lifting.

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