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As consumers, when we call our service providers, many times we ask ourselves that question, Are you real or a bot?  With the goal to improve CX, firms are adding AI in to personalize their services and accelerate conversions into their omnichannel format.

Chatbots have become a critical tool, in personalization by interlacing customer, product, and data that across the organization, minimizing time of interaction and need for analysis, while increasing the CX to levels that customers demand today. 

A customer interaction with Bots simplifies a research processes, by asking questions that allow your Web page to direct the user to the needed product or service level.  At the same time, brings to your organization valuable insights of the potential customer, directing this data to the appropriate internal user to review, with the goal of creating a better product, or service. Simpler uses of this technology include, internal or external information dissemination in the form of alerts, updates, etc. 


This personalized CX bring significant operational benefits by reducing costs, and adding value to the brand through more satisfied, engaged, and loyal customers. “Forrester Consulting has found that good CX has a quantifiable impact to top-line revenue across all industries”. (1)

However, there are significant considerations to take into account while deciding what types of format/s are you going to engage for your enterprise. The key factor is to understand the “jobs to be done”, this will dictate the level of complexity your organization needs.  According to Gartner, simple configurations are those in which the Bot, answer easy questions and it is told what to do.  The higher levels are those in which the Bot anticipates needs and wants and answers contextual questions.  The latter is not a simple Chatbot, but a Virtual Assistant (2)

Most e-Commerce organizations perhaps fall in the middle, in what Gartner defines as Transactional Solutions, which could be applied among other things to simplify an item return process. 

The vetting method to select the right Bot platform for your organization must be rigorous, including all stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition as needs grow, as well as the availability and usage of data across the organization, and not in separate silos.

The winning formula is to apply the right architecture and data analytics needs to unleash the power of Bots and AI. 


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Francisco A. Arinci

Head of Digital Strategy

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