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The average cart abandonment rate in the US is 71.86%, in Canada it is 72.44%, while in the UK and France it is above 76% (1)

Taking into account the figures mentioned above and the fact that the average conversion rates of e-commerce sites in the US are 2.63% and, globally, 4.63% (2), we realize how important it is for marketers to deliver on the promise ‘the first time, and every time.’

Trust, convenience, and transparency are the cornerstones of e-commerce, and the top five reasons for cart abandonment indicate this. (3)

1) 50% abandon the cart due to high shipping costs or extra costs.

2) 28% leave it when asked to create an account on the website.

3) Of the rest, 21% abandon their cart due to a long and complicated checkout process.

4) 18% say they couldn’t calculate the total cost of the pre-order.

5) The rest, 18%, abandon their cart due to late delivery.

In the mobile-first era, we also found that shopping cart abandonment is much higher among mobile device users. (4)

The above are all industry averages. Therefore, you must find your benchmark among the peers in your segment and be in the upper percentile.

Regardless of industry and country, when setting up or reviewing your eCommerce site, consider applying the following best practices, which we hope will allow you to be a category leader:

    • Do not force the initial buyer to open an account to complete their first purchase.
    • Offer fast and free delivery.
    • Be transparent about all upfront costs.
    • Implement a quick and simple one-click checkout process.
    • Offer live chat support.

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Data sources: 1: Article by Khalid saleh on Invesp; 2, 3: Baymard Research Institute; 4: OptinMoster