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The Virtual World has become infatuated with visual experiences. Customers’ data indicate that:

  • 60% of shoppers want more interactive 3D and AR. (1)
  • 42% say they would “pay more” for a product if they could see it in 3D/AR. (2)
  • 20% more people are willing to pay more for “personalized products and services”. (3)
  • 57% of customers have stopped buying from a brand because one of its competitors provided a better experience (CX). (4)

For many B2C and B2B companies, 3D and AR have become a significant growth and profit differentiator of their business. Among the benefits they cite three key factors: 

  • The opportunity to observe product size, space fit, and features in detail and in motion on the screen, boost buyers’ confidence levels, thus, reducing the sale cycle and increases conversions. 
  • Product interaction, as a fun and informative element to their CX. 
  • Consider the interaction as a virtual “road test” helping customers comprehend and appreciate what they are buying. 

According to Threekit®, a 3D and AR platform, their customers, on average obtain these benefits:  

  • 40% Increased Conversion Rate.
  • 90% In Photography Savings
  • 80% Fewer Returns
  • 20% Higher Order Value
  • Better CX
  • Higher Customer Life Time Value

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Francisco A. Arinci

Head of Digital Strategy

Lievant US –


Data Sources: 1 and 2: Harris Poll  3:The Deloitte Consumer Review: Made to Order, the Rise of Mass Personalization, 
4:  Salesforce State of the Connected Customer.